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Currently we are offering collection from £ 10.00 per bin.Garden bins are £ 20.00 per bin
All payments are made via our preferred card merchant world pay. Payment is taken once you place your order. You will get a notification to let you know your paymnet has been successful.
We charge extra due the extra weight in garden waste.We pay for disposal by the tone so we have to charge accordingly.
The price is set for 30 KGS per bin.You will may be charged more for your collection.Heavier bins can range from £20 to £40 depending on the weight.
A simple way to test if it's too heavy .If you can pull your bin with one hand it should be fine.If you need to use two hands and struggle to move it's over weight and classed as heavy bin.Contact us info@bukkawaste.com to arrange your collection.
Please Leave all bins out in the same place you would for council collections.
Please Leave all bins out from 7am our working day is 07.00am-17.00pm we will make our collection anytime during these hours.
Once you have registered and opened your account you can view the scheduling calendar to see the dates we are available in your area and choose your selected date.
All payments and card details are handled through Worldpay who are one of the biggest card merchants worldwide. Bukka do not hold any bankcard details.
There are no fixed contracts.
Orders can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance.
Orders can be easily amended via the app.
You can rearrange a collection via the app. There may be a call out charge depending on if we are in your area.
If you move to another location, simply update your profile and change your collection details via the app.
If you include this in your general waste yes we do. We take all the necessary steps to recycle as much as possible.
you can add additional black bags for £1.50 for each to your order.
Bukka aims to send as much waste as possible to be recycled in to energy.
Yes this is held within the app on you smart device.
A duty of care note is to ensure your waste is handled and dealt with in accordance to regulations.
We will not collect your bins if they have any of the following waste in them. Hazardous waste such as medical and chemical waste paint tins, Garden waste, soil, trees branches. Construction waste Bricks, plaster boards, cements No hot ashes. If the bin is too heavy. You will receive a notification via the app to let you know the reasons.
Bukka offer a convenient site clearance quote feature in the app.Simply use the app and send us a photo and we will reply instantly with a price